Class of 2015
Majors: Biological Sciences and Economics

Jawad was born in Lahore, Pakistan but has since moved all across the United States while most recently residing in Southern California. He is an active member of UChicago's traveling Model U.N. team representing it at AMUN, UCBMUN, as well as NCSC. Furthermore, he helped staff ChoMUN, the University of Chicago Model U.N. conference, as an assistant chair on the Giants of Wall Street in 2012 and ran a committee, NATO, last year as a director. Jawad also works closely with the Muslim Students Association as Secretary and as a Biochemistry researcher in the lab of Marvin Makinen. In his free time, Jawad enjoys volunteering at the Neighborhood Schools Project and the University of Chicago Medical Center as well as playing I.M. Basketball.



KHATCHER O. MARGOSSIAN, Scientia Editor-in-Chief
Class of 2015
Majors: Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Khatcher currently works at the University of Chicago Institute for Molecular Engineering, where he researches the self-assembly of synthetic and biological polymers. His involvement in Scientia began in his second year, when he became its Managing Editor. He also serves TTH International as its Chief Financial Officer. He enjoys playing the viola and the piano, reading about American history, hiking, and cooking.



AUSTEN SMITH, Editor-in-Chief
Class of 2014
Major: Biological Sciences; Minor: Germanic Studies

To develop his interests in both science and written communication, Austen joined The Triple Helix as an editor in Autumn 2011. He hopes to oversee articles that are not only timely and well-researched, but that also exhibit persuasive logic and purposeful organization.

PATRICK DELANEY, Scientia Editor-in-Chief
Class of 2014

Patrick Delaney is currently in his third year studying Biological Sciences at the University of Chicago. A new addition to TTH, Patrick joined in the spring of 2012 as Managing Editor for Print. Specifically, he acts as managing editor for Scientia, a new journal affiliated with the UC TTH that publishes original undergraduate research. Having worked as a research assistant for more than one year in the Fehon Group (department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology), Patrick hopes to bring his passion for novel research to Scientia as it continues to expand. Additionally, Patrick is a laboratory Teaching Assistant for genetics courses and has been granted the BSCD fellowship for the past two years. He also has an interest in anthropology, which may lead to a double major.

MICHAEL BEGUN, Development of Scientia
Class of 2012
Major: Computer Science

Michael first joined TTH as a writer for E-Pub and then took on various editing and writing roles. Michael now works to ensure Scientia's continued growth at UChicago and potentially establish Scientia as an international journal like the Science in Society Review. He hopes Scientia will connect the UChicago research community and help undergraduates get involved in scientific research. Outside of TTH, Michael dedicates his energies to AppUP, a new community service RSO that provides guidance to CPS students aiming to make the transition to college. He also works in the lab of Stefano Allesina on a "Science of Science" project to analyze research patterns across fields. Michael enjoys TTH because it does more than make science accessible - it encourages us to change the way we think about science by exploring its ethical and social dimensions.


Austin Yu, Editor-in-Chief
Class of 2016
Major: Mathematics and Economics

Austin is a third-year student at the University of Chicago studying Mathematics and Economics. He became involved with The Triple Helix in Fall of 2012 as an Associate Editor for the UChicago's E-Publishing Division, subsequently authoring two articles for the division and serving as Managing Editor in 2013-2014. He hopes to expand the scope of TTH, particularly E-Pub, to explore topics in business and macroeconomics from a scientific perspective. Outside of TTH, Austin leads the Healthcare sector of the campus investment club and enjoys playing lacrosse and ice hockey, as well as exploring restaurants.


JACOB RYALL, Managing Editor
Class of 2015

Jacob was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas until matriculating to the University of Chicago in Fall of 2011. At Chicago, Jacob studies History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine and participates in the Health Policy Scholars program for undergraduate students. He began working for The Triple Helix as an Associate Editor in Fall of 2012 and began serving as a Managing Editor in Fall of 2013. Outside of the Triple Helix, Jacob is active in the Sigma Chi Fraternity and serves as the Vice President and Scholarship Chairman. In addition, Jacob works under David Meltzer in a clinical research lab at the University of Chicago Medical Center as well as working remotely for the Provost Umphrey Law Firm of Beaumont, Texas. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys cooking up the finest Cajun cuisine, reading American Literature, and listening to jam bands.



ALICE LEE, Managing Editor
Class of 2014
Major: Biological Sciences

Alice is a fourth-year Biological Sciences major at the University of Chicago. She began contributing to The Triple Helix during the Fall of 2012 as a writer for Science in Society Review print journal. As Managing Editor for the E-Pub Division, she hopes to help TTH to continue investigating the relationship between the sciences and the social sciences to an even deeper degree. She is particularly interested in how science plays a role in ethics and morality. Outside of TTH, Alice is involved with UChicago's food publication and has experience as a research assistant in both clinical and translational research settings.


DEBORAH OLALEYE, Managing Editor
Class of 2014
Majors: Mathematics and Economics

Deborah Olaleye is a third-year student at the University of Chicago studying Math and Economics. She began her involvement with The Triple Helix in Winter of 2012 as an Associate Editor for the University of Chicago's E-Publishing Division, before having the opportunity to serve as one of the division's Managing Editors. She hopes to help TTH in ensuring that the term "science" is interpreted broadly, and can include areas such as Sociology and Economics, in addition to fields like Medicine and Physics. Outside of TTH, Deborah is also involved in teaching with local after-school art programs, as well as DJing for UChicago's community radio station.





CARRIE CHUI, Co-Director of Productions
Class of 2015
Majors: Biological Sciences and Visual Arts

Carrie became involved in the Triple Helix as a writer in her first year, when she published her article, ArtScience: A Recipe for Innovation. In it Carrie mentions that although the two disciplines of art and science are traditionally viewed as being very different, she believes that they are not necessarily so, and is excited to find potential common ground between them. Currently, as assistant director of production for the Triple Helix, Carrie looks forward to bringing her interest in both art and science to the organization.



CECILIA JIANG, Events Coordinator
Class of 2015
Major: Biological Sciences

In addition to planning thought-provoking, interdisciplinary events as an Events Coordinator, Cecilia has contributed to the Triple Helix as a writer for its online blog. Outside of TTH, she works in a biochemistry research lab and is involved in MUNUC, ArtShould, and the Chicago Maroon.




EVAN JIN, Director of Events
Class of 2014
Major: Philosophy

Evan is a fourth-year at the University of Chicago majoring in philosophy. He first joined The Triple Helix the fall of his second year as a writer for the E-Publishing Division. Since then, he has written for the E-Publishing Division on sports for people with disabilities and for the Print Division on the physical structure of the Internet. He now serves as the Director of Events and oversees the planning of two to three events per quarter on issues in science and society. His favorite event thus far has been The Affordable Care Act: A Lecture Series, which gave a primer on the Affordable Care Act from doctors at the University of Chicago Medical Center.


CATHERINE CASTRO, Events Coordinator
Class of 2014
Major: Biological Sciences

Catherine Castro is a fourth year at the University of Chicago, majoring in Biological Sciences with a specialization in Neuroscience. She first got involved with The Triple Helix as an events coordinator in 2012 when she helped organize some of UChicago TTH's most popular events. Aside from her work at TTH and the hospital, Catherine is part of the Emerging Minds Project, where she engages in discussions about diversity.



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