We would also like to recognize all the faculty members who have worked closely with The Triple Helix to ensure the validity of the science and arguments of the articles.

Scientia 2012

Spring 2012

Spring 2011

Fall 2010

Gavin Hougham, PhD

Jason Bridges, PhD

Catherine Pfister, PhD

Timothy Sentongo, MD

Ross Stolzenberg, PhD

Jeff Bridges

Stefano Allesina, PhD

Charles Kevin Boyce, PhD

Jerry Sadock, PhD

Kathleen Cagney, PhD

Jack A. Gilbert, PhD

Dario Maestripieri, PhD

David Glick, MD

Anne Henly, PhD

Timothy Wootton, PhD

Stephen Pruett-Jones, PhD

Diane Lauderdale, PhD

Nita K. Lee, MD

Cathryn Nagler, PhD

Trevor Price, PhD

Karen Kim, MD

Manyuan Long, PhD

Kimberly Morrison, PhD

Michael LaBarbera, PhD


Robert J. Richards, PhD

Mellisa Marks, PhD

Benjamin Glick, PhD


Chun-Su Yuan, MD, PhD

Gary Becker, PhD

Shona Vas, PhD


Shu-Yuan Xiao, MD


David Glick, MD


Richard Schilsky, MD


Howard Nusbaum, PhD






We would also like to recognize all the faculty members who have graciously lent their time and expertise to hold events to speak about their topics of research.

2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Dr. Elizabeth Fein Dr. Steven Sibener Dr. Michael David Prof. Harald Uhlig Dr. Charles Wheelan
Prof. Lawrence Zbikowski Dr. Matthew Tirrell Dr. Sabrina Shaikh
Dr.Davis, Dr.Huang, & Dr.Chin Dr. Lainie Ross Dr. Sean Crosson
Dr.Osadjin & Prof.Sternstein

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