The Triple Helix @ UChicago
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About The triple Helix

The Triple Helix chapter at the University of Chicago serves as a global forum for science in society. Our goal is to explore the interdisciplinary nature of the sciences and how they shape our world -- which we do through our publications and events. We distribute our print publications in the winter and spring across campus, and regularly host campus events. 

Our chapter consists of the following divisions: SISR and Scientia, our print divisions; an E-Publishing Blog; an Events Team; and a Production/Media Team. 

Science in society review

SISR is a biannual publication that takes a multidisciplinary approach to scientific issues and their impact on society. Articles take on unique subject matters that integrate law, business, ethics, policy, technology, and much more with current issues and events. Past journals can be found here


Scientia, unique to the UChicago TTH Chapter, is a biannual publication showcasing original scientific research conducted by undergraduates and celebrates UChicago's research community. Articles include: full-length, in-depth pieces written by undergraduate researchers on their work; inquiries, or interviews with research faculty on campus; and research abstracts and works in progress. Past journals can be found here


E-Pub is The Triple Helix's very own quarterly blog, which allows writers to choose any topic of interest that explores current news, advancements, or issues around us that relate to science and society. The range of topics are much broader than the two print publications, providing more freedom for student writers. Articles tend to be shorter and are a great opportunity to explore a topic of interest. Past articles can be found here.

Events team

Our Events Team plans and executes events throughout the academic year that engage the broader UChicago community with scientific topics. Events include speaker or panel seminars, writing workshops, and release events. See an archive of our past events here

Production and media team

Our Production and Media Team designs the layouts for the print publications of The Triple Helix (Scientia and SISR). The team also designs our promotional and marketing material, and is responsible for the creative direction of the chapter.